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“Silicon Valley Mind Coach uses a blend of Hypnosis and NLP for their coaching practice. It’s a novel approach and has promise. The idea is to help the coachee enter a deep state of relaxation and help them develop their inner resources in this relaxed state. This can be an effective process for overcoming self-limiting perceptions and enhancing self-belief. I wish them the very best as they help their clients with their unique approach.”

– Dr. Vishal Shal, PCC, Vice President – Leadership Development, Wipro, Bengaluru Area, India

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We created the STRONG MINDS – TOP PERFORMANCE  Program to empower corporate leaders and their teams to increase job performance, make better decisions, and elevate team morale by using the latest findings of neuroscience, combining cutting-edge self-hypnosis and NLP techniques in a proprietary blend resulting in transformational change over 6 individual, remote sessions in 12 weeks with a dedicated Mind Coach.

You and your team will be reaping the following benefits when enrolling in our program:

  • Ability to shift from feeling stressed to relaxed in 2 minutes using self-hypnosis
  • Ability to remain cool, calm, and collected at all times 
  • Increased confidence
  • Better sleep 
  • New internal resources to respond to a challenging work environment

What happens in the STRONG MINDS – TOP PERFORMANCE Program?
1) We are teaching your team Self-Hypnosis

  • Harvard Health Letter, Sept. 2015: “Hypnosis turns your attention inward. Usually, you enter a trance-like state and, with the guidance of a hypnotherapist, you can start to control or alter your thoughts, feelings, and physical state.” 
  • Furthermore (same source): “Hypnosis is very effective in ‘blocking out’ the distracting chatter that interferes with sleep.”
  • Your team will learn this technique in the first session, and then practice it daily. Everyone complies, because it feels amazing to not think and just BE.
  • With 1-2 weeks of practice, they can access this state of rejuvenation within 2-3 minutes and on demand.
  • It is the best tool to use before meetings to ensure clear thinking, sound decisions, and a commanding presence.
  • It is also the best tool to fall asleep and get back to sleeping – average increase from 4-6 hours of intermittent sleep  to 7-8 hours of sound sleep  in the first week – results may vary.

2) We are blending the most advanced hypnotherapy techniques with cutting-edge NLP techniques to facilitate transformational change in each individual

  • Web MD says: “Hypnosis is simply a state of concentration and focused attention – focused on a mental image. It’s a skill that must be learned from a trained hypnotherapist. With practice, hypnotizing yourself comes easily. Self-hypnosis is the path to training both mind and body to make a desired change.”
  • Each Mind Coach has 400-600 hours of training in hypnotherapy and is a certified hypnotherapist, along with being fully trained in NLP at the practitioner level (120 hours of training).
  • With the guide of a Mind Coach employees can let go of anxiety, negative emotions, or self-sabotaging beliefs in a safe, warm, and friendly one-on-one environment – everyone’s journey will be slightly different as no two people are alike.
  • We conduct 6 sessions per person over the course of 12 weeks.
  • Sessions are done when employee is at home or in a quiet place where they can relax and last 1 hour on average
  • All sessions are done remotely – over the phone and/or video chat.