Realize your Potential and Win the Mental Game!

Gain Confidence & Motivation to Overcome Obstacles.

Remain in Control of Your Emotions in Times of Stress.

Stay Calm and Maintain a Focus on Success and Peak Performance.

Create Transformational Results for Yourself in 6 sessions.

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“Silicon Valley Mind Coach uses a blend of Hypnosis and NLP for their coaching practice. It’s a novel approach and has promise. The idea is to help the coachee enter a deep state of relaxation and help them develop their inner resources in this relaxed state. This can be an effective process for overcoming self-limiting perceptions and enhancing self-belief. I wish them the very best as they help their clients with their unique approach.”

– Dr. Vishal Shal, PCC, Vice President – Leadership Development, Wipro, Bengaluru Area, India

We created the STRONG MINDS – TOP PERFORMANCE  Program to empower executives, athletes, and other individuals  to increase job or athletic performance, recover faster from mental or physical setbacks, and boost confidence by applying self-hypnosis and NLP techniques in a proprietary blend resulting in transformational change over 6 individual, remote  sessions delivered over the course of 12 weeks.

You will be reaping the following benefits when enrolling in our program:

  • You will learn how to induce self-hypnosis prior to meetings, presentations, or tournaments
  • You will use tips and tricks to overcome anxiety, fear, and tension when it counts
  • You will become more confident
  • You will sleep better and longer 
  • You will feel more at peace and in control of your emotions
  • You will bounce back from setbacks significantly faster 

Why Hypnosis and NLP? 

  • The emerging field of Positive Psychology, as well as Sports and Performance Psychology, all make use of guided imagery, positive visualization techniques, breathing exercises, and, increasingly, hypnosis. We use all of those also.
  • NLP is a so-called ‘pseudoscience’ and few want to acknowledge using it. The fact is: I see it being applied in a myriad of ways by executive coaches, from reframing techniques to anchoring techniques to conflict resolution techniques. We just take the approach of ‘we use what works, regardless of labels.’ It works.
  • Harvard Health Letter, 09/2015: “…Relief may come down to mind over matter: a technique called hypnotherapy…it helps you control or alter your thoughts, feelings, and physical state…a hypnotic trance empowers people to activate neural circuits that are otherwise hidden. This circuitry can activate greater comfort for pain relief, greater mental focus for certain activities, and greater self-esteem.”

Sam Wenzel
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