Meet Our Team

Silke Wenzel, Founder

Silke looks back on a successful career in consultative sales spanning ADP, Oracle, and RSM. A job burnout in late 2016 catapulted her on a journey of self-discovery, re-calibrating, and introspection. In the process she has acquired the skills, tools, and techniques she is now passing on to other professionals, and that is how Silicon Valley Mind Coach came to be. Silke is a translator for English and moved to the Bay Area from Munich, Germany, in 1998. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified NLP practitioner. Silke lives in the Bay Area.

Casey Petty, Mind Coach

Casey was a chemical operations specialist in the US Army for four years before becoming a certified nursing assistant. He is passionate about helping others and increasing the human consciousness. Casey is an avid volunteer worker for Habitat for Humanity and a certified hypnotherapist. He lives in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Martin Wenzel, Mind Coach 

Martin was in the AFROTC and studying mechanical engineering at CU Boulder, when he realized that he loved the Bay Area and calculus was not a good fit. Once back here, he discovered many of us are conditioned to behaviors that are ‘not good for our soul.’ He loves helping people let go of self-harming and self-defeating patterns. A big catalyst in this development was him witnessing his mom’s transformation from being mostly ‘stressed, angry, and hectic’ (yep – those were the words…) to being ‘relaxed, happy, and at peace.’ Martin now fully embraces the power of the mind and the fact that we shape our destiny. Martin is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has completed our proprietary SVMC training in March 2018. He lives in the Bay Area.