Junior Elite Golfer Krishan Patel (4th Ranking Junior World Cup 2018) And Parent Coach Dipak Patel

James Endo, Endo Real Estate Group, San Jose

John Snopkowski, Head Coach at Santa Teresa Golf Club, San Jose

Silicon Valley Mind Coach uses a blend of Hypnosis and NLP for their coaching practice. It’s a novel approach and has promise. The idea is to help the coachee enter a deep state of relaxation and help them develop their inner resources in this relaxed state. This can be an effective process for overcoming self-limiting perceptions and enhancing self-belief. I wish them the very best as they help their clients with their unique approach.

Dr. Vishal Shal, PCC, Vice President – Leadership Development, Wipro, Bengaluru Area, India

Learning self-hypnosis has completely transformed my life. I am finally able to make decisions quickly and confidently, to be more courageous in my approach in my business and personal life than ever before and, most importantly, trust myself again. The experience has been absolutely liberating and already has had a profound impact on my life. Thank you Silicon Valley Mind Coach!  

Petra Chequer, VP, People Solutions & Alliance Director, Leadership Development Agency, Palo Alto, CA

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started working with Silicon Valley Mind Coach. The process is interesting and the results have been fantastic.  I have learned how to de-stress almost instantly which has made my very high demand, fast paced job more enjoyable.

I’m also able to access my “A Game” at will which has helped me secure more business in a shorter amount of time.

 Cynthia M, Director, Management Consulting , Dublin, CA

Wow – I had no idea your mind was so powerful. After two sessions, and daily self meditation, I can see the difference in the decisions I am making. I start to do something and like magic I say , no that is not what I want to do, I want to do it this way and I do. It really is that easy. I only wish I had known about this sooner. The process is painless and done remotely at your convenience. Why isn’t everyone doing this? Do yourself a favor and try it out. Get ahead of the curve and improve yourself NOW! So glad I did and am continuing to do so.

Cathy Y., VP Semiconductor Space, San Diego, CA

I had a challenge being able to slow down and gather my thoughts before making presentations, giving feedback, and conversing with others.  After just two sessions, I’ve been able to slow down and deliver the message exactly the way I intend without letting my emotions get involved.  I would highly recommend Sam and Silicon Valley Mind Coach for anybody in a high-stress environment that wants to improve the way they communicate in crucial situations. 

Joshua S, Sales Manager at Forma Gym, San Jose, CA

My experience working with Sam was excellent.  I never had any coaching before and was not sure what results to expect but she made it an easy process and it led to better outcomes than I expected.

Sam’s approach is very professional.  She took her time to review with me the area I wanted to address and asked very thoughtful questions which were never invasive but were clear enough to allow her to get to know me and the reason I might want to try coaching.

The sessions we had were very comfortable and she uses a series of techniques to help.  I still use some of the techniques today and feel like I have my own set of tools to use if needed.

I highly recommend Sam based on the incredible level of professionalism and the results that came out of the experience.

Jeff K, VP of Construction Management, San Jose, CA

Working with Sam was a very enlightening experience for a couple of important reasons.  I definitely used to underestimate the power that we all have to bring about change – we can use our minds to create better outcomes for ourselves! I am now able to use a specific mental process that I learned, to go to sleep, as well as to fall back asleep when I wake up during the night.  It’s made such a difference in how I feel.  I wake up rested and full of energy. As a result, I feel I am much more productive and better able to deal with the stress that comes with my job.

Kathy E, Key Account Executive in the HR software space, Danville, CA